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Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript

Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript, by Chuck Sambuchino and the Editors of Writer’s Digest Books, is an invaluable reference tool for writers who are starting out in their career and are lost when it comes to the specifics of how their manuscript should look when they go to submit the work to an agent, publisher, or editor.

Most novice writers think they can format their work any way they want and they will be taken seriously and their work accepted. This is not true. There are certain “submission guidelines” that must be followed in order to be taken seriously in their career. If writers don’t follow these guidelines for each agent, publisher, or editor they contact, their work or correspondence will more than likely be tossed away in the slush pile, or rejected all together.
Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript is a “general” guide of information to help you, the writer, format hard-copy and electronic query and cover letters to agents, editors, and/or publishers. You will also learn how to format both fiction and nonfiction material such as short stories, screenplays, TV scripts, plays, picture books, as well as articles, novels, poetry and greeting cards.
This book is a useful, universal tool when you prepare your work for submissions. However, it is good to keep in mind that whatever magazine, newspaper, publishers, editor or agent you plan on sending your work to, they may have their own set of guidelines. It is best to check their website if they have one, or write and ask for their submission guidelines. Print-on-Demand publishers also have their own set of guidelines to follow when formatting material for publication.
Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript is a great start for you to learn the basics of formatting your work and even find helpful tips on how to submit your finished projects.
You can buy this wonderful guide online at and other online sellers. You will be able to buy a copy of the book at your local book store, or they can order a copy for you.
I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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