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How To Start a Home Based Writing Business

How To Start a Home-Based Writing Business, by Lucy V. Parker and published by Globe Pequot Press, is an excellent reference and educational book for the writer who is seeking to take their career to the next level: Starting their own writing business from their home office.
The book highlights ten areas writers should consider before starting their own business. The chapters involved included:

1) Getting Started as a Home-Based Writer

2) What Will You Do and For Whom?

3)Where the Work Is: Key Writing Products and Clients

4) Making Your Business Legal

5) Office Space and Equipment

6) Computers, Online Services and Another Look at Start-Up Costs

7) Marketing Your Services

8) Selling Your Services

9) How to Charge and How to Collect

10) Tips for Managing Your Business (and Yourself) and Writing Your Business Plan
At the end of each chapter the author takes the writer through success worksheets designed to help them map out their business, including weeding out strengths and weaknesses.
There are also a few forms such as Job Control Form, Estimating Form, Follow-Up Sheets and Prospect Information Forms. All of these forms are designed to help the beginning and even professional entrepreneur stay focused and organized.
In the back of the book, there is a bibliography categorizing books on business, books on writing business plans, books on time management, organization and career planning, books on the business of writing, media guides, periodicals for professional writers, audio visual resources, software for businesses and databases for marketing and manuscript tracking.
Following the bibliography, a source directory offers information on websites for entrepreneurs, websites for writers, job websites, freelancing websites, online courses on writing and career guidance.
The resource websites lists sites devoted to retail, reference, organization for home-based entrepreneurs and organizations for professional writers.
If you’re a writer looking to start your own home-based writing business, I recommended this book. It will teach you everything you need to know. I have used the information provided by Lucy to start my own freelance writing and desktop publishing business.
You can find How To Start a Home-Based Writing Business at online stores such as as well as in your local bookstore.